Bands to discover: Wild Cub

So I want to talk to you guys about a band I saw recently, and who were just mind-blowing. Breath-taking. Eye-widening- you get the picture. This band are not high-flying in the charts just yet, but I’m pretty sure they will be soon. 

May I introduce you folk, to Wild Cub. 

I discovered this band whilst watching The 1975 in Brixton, back in January. My friend Louise and I sauntered into the venue, grabbed a bevvie from the bar and awaited Matt Healy and co. The band were supported by two acts, and Wild Cub were the first to enter the fray; I have to say, they immediately became a fave. 

The head-bopping guitars, with the syncs of the keyboard and the lead banging on a pair of drums instantly stood to my attention. An quintet of American males were making just wonderful music, making us dance and bop around. Ending with the energetic ‘Thunder Clatter’, the crowd were well and truly warmed up, and I was amazed. If love at first sight exists, I think it may have been then. 

Fast forward five months, and the boys from Nashville were headlining a small show in Hackney, London. Performing at the small but quirky night-club Oslo, Louise and I were buzzing with excitement. We picked our spots right at the front, and whooped and cheered when the band came on stage. 

And they were phenomenal. 

They played their impressive debut album ‘Youth’, with each and every song getting everyone in the venue dancing and swaying to the music. The frontman Keegan DeWitt has an impressive aura onstage, belting out the lyrics whilst switching from his guitar to drumming. His energy was shared among his bandmates – Jeremy Bullock, Dabney Morris, Harry West and Eric Wilson – and by the second song (Colour), the entire room was bright-eyed and breathless. In all of the small gigs I have been to, I’ve never seen such a reaction to ‘Thunder Clatter’; glancing around in between my attempt at dancing, everyone was boogieing along, singing along with the words. Spine-tingling, is what I’ll use to describe that moment. 

Alas, the set ended to raptous applause from all around. We waited around, and we were rewarded with Keegan coming out to hang out. Instantly, a bright smile and a warm handshake as the three of us chatted. We spoke about The 1975 gig, saying that’s how we found the band (“YES!” with a fist pump and a smile was his answer), asking him what it was like to play at the 02 Academy. 

“It was awesome! I just looked up and there were so many people!” He grins, his love and enthusiasm for music clear. He was completely stoked on the show they’d just played and after chatting for a little while longer and taking a selfie, we departed. But not after another warm handshake and bright smile, with the promise to return to the UK soon. What a lovely, friendly dude. 

We came away from the gig on a musical high, and I really hope this band will grow in the United Kingdom. Their indie sound with tinkering guitar solos and infectious lyrics are just pure magic, and I cannot rate them enough. 

Please come back soon boys, otherwise we’ll miss you. 

Bands to discover: Wild Cub


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