I need to apologise.

I have a full, unreserved apology to make.

I wrote this blog post nearly four years ago, pretty much slating the fact that Star Wars was returning for another three films, when I thought it was best to leave things as they were.

But now I’ve seen The Force Awakens three times and I need to have a big piece of humble pie.

Personally, I really did not like the newer trilogy of films. The scripts were a major let down and The Phantom Menace is probably one of the worst films ever made, despite loving it as a 7 year-old. I far prefer the older films, so at the time, I didn’t think that a whole new Star Wars trilogy was the right thing.

But when I heard that JJ Abrams was to direct Episode 7, I begin to think alright, this may be not a bad idea. A first-class director in charge of the first film of the reboot, surely this will be alright?

By the time the trailers came out – particularly the moment Han Solo and Chewbacca was shown – I had some serious re-thinking to do. It looked pretty good, but the film can still be a mistake… right?

How wrong was I.

I became ridiculously excited with all the rave reviews so when the time came to watch it at last – two days after its release – I was like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I was completely blown away. It was a film I could have easily gone straight back into the cinema screen afterwards and watch all over again. For me, Abrams and co didn’t put a foot wrong. All of the references to the past films and the return of past characters made me squee with delight. I legit had goosebumps hearing the theme tune once again, with the start credits rolling down the screen.

The new aspects that have been brought in – Rey, Finn etc –  were very well done, and TFA marks an excellent return to the Star Wars universe. The only draw back I have is that maybe Kylo Ren could be a little more menacing, and not revealed as quickly into the trilogy. But I’m sure there is room for improvement in Episode 8, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

Maybe it was a bit too similar to A New Hope but I think it perhaps had to be, just to get the films started after after ten years away. And it’s not completely the same, isn’t it really?

I’m glad that Star Wars has come back, that a fandom has been awakened, because it’s a huge part of pop culture as we know it today. The Force Awakens is one of those films which will provide endless conversations with your pals who love Star Wars as much as you do. It’s one of those films which you’ll go around an entire city just to find a toy BB-8, because you think that a droid is adorable. It’ll provide constant questions about where the films will go next, and just who is Rey really?

So I’m sorry Disney, LucasFilm, JJ Abrams, the whole Star Wars universe… I’m sorry for ever doubting you. It was wrong of me and I’ll never do it again.

You know what, a fourth viewing of Episode VII may even be in order.




1 thought on “I need to apologise.

  1. I was just as cynical myself but fair play to J.J. Abrams he’s really set the franchise back on track


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